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For over 15 years, Safety King has surged ahead in product reliability. Customer satisfaction and caring for your safety at work – the genesis of Safety King, a formidable reputation in the personal Protective to manufacturing a board range of equipment designed to give people the protection they need in their lives and workplace at affordable prices.

Every Safety King product is manufactured and conforms to appropriate European and International performance specifications. To meet our customer’s needs and expectations in terms of total product quality of service, our quality applies to every aspect of our business as well as producing products that meet various product standards. Although it is true that safety is the primary vocation of Safety King Products, they have always been designed with an eye to constantly improve the operator’s efficiency.

Increasing efficiency entails a perfect knowledge of user constraints and requirements as well as the capacity to offer complete solutions. Incorporated into the manufacturing is the quality Assurance standards ISO 9001:2000 acquired by Safety King to ensure that only products of the highest standards are produced.

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