nozzles & monitors

Nozzles & Monitors are essential for any fire house.


Nozzles allow you to control the angle, strength, and precision of any hose with ease. Nozzles provide an optimal spray in all circumstances.

We offer a wide range of fire nozzles. We offer a magnitude of nozzles that are capable of delivering various steam types, pressure options, versatility and fire flows. When procuring the type of nozzle, you must consider suitability to risk, pattern & flow range, material of construction, and maintenance of durability.


Fixed monitors project water/foam in sufficient quantity from a safe distance. They are ideal for fighting bigger fires that give out large amount of radiation. Monitors have higher quantity of agent, and their installation and design allows the back thrust to be handled safely.

The range of monitor is measured from its installation point to where the majority of the water/foam discharge falls. The location of monitors is dictated by operational requirements such as range of the monitor, type of hazard, wind direction and speed.