Gas Masks

Gas mask is one of most essential safety device that has the power to save many lives. It is designed to prevent smoke inhalation and mobilize an individual in the vent of fire hazards in order to escape safely. It is compact and simple to use and can be activated within 5 seconds.

In the most of the fire accidents, it is not fire but smoke which causes severe damage and even loss of life. Gas masks are designed to handle poisonous gases and particulates contained in smoke of fire. Gas mask can be a life saver as it gives respiratory protection against smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident.

The fire mask removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases, and filters chemical substances. Our high-performance fire mask provides reliable protection against dangerous smoke, poisonous gas, and radiant heat. It secures comfortably around your neck to protect you from toxic smoke, dust, and chemicals.

Dust/Fume Respirators

More than one respiratory hazard can occur at the same time. Respiratory hazards can include airborne contaminants such as dusts, fumes, gases, biological contaminants or oxygen deficient atmospheres.

Dust and fume respirators are recommended for labors, workers and inspection officers while performing their duties at the site for protection from contaminants in the air. When other hazard control methods are not possible under the circumstances, respirators can be a better option. Respirators are used when emergencies or other temporary situations arise or when engineering control are being installed or repaired.

Dust and fume respirators provide optimal protection against toxic dusts, fumes and mists. These respirator masks feature a headband material which keeps a near constant tension reducing strap pressure and ensuring a secure fit to the face.

Self contained breathing apparatus

Self contained breathing apparatus is respiratory protective device apparatus to prevent a user from inhaling contaminated particulates, toxic gas, oxygen deficient air, vapors or potentially harmful gases in the fire site.

Self contained breathing apparatus is widely used in rescue operation, fire fighting, escape guidance at fire station, and in disaster prevention. It is typically used while operating in areas of immediate danger to life and health, such as inside a building inferno or in a mine filled with smoke or toxic gas.

Open circuit air breathing apparatus is one of the types of self contained breathing apparatus. In this type, self contained breathing apparatus supplies the compressed air from the air cylinder to the wearer through cylinder valve, pressure reducer, pressure demand valve or demand valve. The exhaled air goes to the atmosphere through exhalation valve.